Our three business plan packages are tailored to suit your needs and to deliver you the most value. Compare our plans below to see which package is right for you.

We take pride in striving to produce the best possible business plans for our clients. We back that up with a Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work. Check out the details below.

Choose your plan

Word document

Excel spreadsheet

(cashflow projections)

Executive Summary

Business data summary page

Business objectives

Organisation staffing and structure

Products and pricing

Vision statement, Mission statement and values

Marketing objectives

Business strategy

Market research (customer demographics, industry analysis, current trends, likely demand, competitors)

Business action plan

Staff recruitment and training plan

Sales strategy

Full year marketing and PR plan tailored to the business 

Customer analysis, SWOT analysis, Political, Environment, Social and Technological (PEST) report

Financial growth summary page

Risk assessment 

Operational framework of the business

Environmental compliance plan

Human resources strategy to maximise staff skills, productivity and retention

Future opportunities page to highlight strongest areas for potential future growth

Robust discussion with you regarding the business plan

PowerPoint presentation (investor presentation)


10 Pages

One year


Launch only


30 Pages

Three years



Three Years



Three  years


30 Pages

Five years



Five years



Five years

10 -15 slides


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Once you’ve received the draft plan, you have the opportunity to review the document and provide feedback. Once your feedback and comments are received, it is implied that you are satisfied with the business plan document.
If you are unsatisfied with the first draft document, and you do not want to provide corrections or amendments that would revise the document to a satisfactory level, you have five days (from receiving the first draft document) to request a full refund.
Refunds will not be provided after that five-day period or if you have implied you are satisfied with the business plan.

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